I received my doctorate in Nutrition Education from Columbia University, and I’m also a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN).  I’m also a certified dietitian-nutritionist (CDN) in New York State.

As an RDN I place the highest priority on facts and evidence.  I’ve always feel my patients have a right to food and nutrition recommendations based on sound, credible science.  I aim to provide the same for the visitors to this website.

I also believe everyone – including health professionals – is entitled to an opinion.  While I will never make comments that are misleading or untrue, when I express an opinion, it will be clearly stated as such.

Nutrition is a constantly evolving science.  As such, my recommendations and views on food and nutrition issues evolve when merited by the strength of credible science.  

My goal is always to bring clarity and simplicity to the science of food and nutrition and make the act of eating and living well an enjoyable and lifelong process. Making a positive impact on people’s daily eating styles, food choices, and life habits has been the focus of his work for over 30 years in practice and with my work in the private sector, and it continues with this website.

I also work in the private sector, usually, but not limited to, providing strategic counsel, also partnering with commodity groups and various public and private organizations in the food world on projects I feel are worth encouraging.  Rather than stay on the “outside” and simply criticize, I’ve found it much more impactful to work with and advise companies and organizations about how to effectively educate and motivate consumers in a transparent manner.  My comments are always my own. When compensation has been provided for these projects, it is for my time, not my opinion. Any sponsored content is clearly labeled as such.  I never work with a company or organizations unless the product, message and/or campaign align with the science as well as professional ethics and my personal values.

I will not share your email address with anyone or any business, unless to a third party as may be required to help this site send requested information to you.