What Makes Tomatoes "Man Food"? Tomatoes and tomato products (sauce, paste, on pizza, etc.) fit into lots of mouthwatering dishes, but they have a payoff beyond their deliciousness.  Read on.Prostate cancer (PC) scares the hell out of men.  It’s usually not fatal but the side Read More So What ARE “Heirloom” Fruits & Vegetables? COVID-19 has skyrocketed the interest in home gardening, especially growing their own fruits and vegetables.  Demand for seeds has more than doubled, according to this report. Growing some of your produce is enjoyable, connects you to the food system, and Read More Diet Or Exercise: What Matters More For Weight Loss? “Exercise doesn’t matter. You just have to eat less”  “Diet doesn’t matter much, as long as you exercise.” A new study in the Journal of Nutrition says being more active not only won’t help you lose weight, it won’t even burn Read More HERE'S YOUR PRIMER ON “FINE” CHOCOLATE! **NEWSFLASH**  I've joined the website The Chocolate Life, as author and contributor.  Check out my posts here. It’s nearing Valentine’s Day, a.k.a., The Big Chocolate Holiday, and fine chocolate is top of mind for many. (It’s on my mind 365 days Read More Resolutions? OUT! Habits Are The New Black New Year's resolutions?  Ho-hum.  According to a new study, most New Year’s resolutions, at least those related to eating and dieting, peter out by mid-February. These researchers tabulated data on Internet-searches for recipes from popular diets. This methodology has weaknesses, Read More Feeding Your Immune System Takes Guts! How's Yours? One nutrition trend that peaked everyone’s interest in 2020 was “immune-boosting foods”. Understandable, too, with COVID-19 keeping the entire world terrified and “sheltering in place”. Outside the home, people were running scared about getting COVID from any place they went Read More

The Edible RX

Blog posts, articles, videos and more can be found in the Edible Rx column. Do you like hearing facts about children and family nutrition, or the truth about myths, maybe the latest thoughts on dieting and eating style than this is the place for you.


I want to bust myths, minimize misinformation, and neutralize negatives. Stories that incite fear are appalling, whether they come from websites, popular media, health professionals, television or anywhere else.


Keith prides himself on sharing information with his readers and clients that educate and make a difference. In this industry there is a lot of hype but not always a lot of science or facts to back up some stories.

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