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1/7/16: What People Are Saying About the Government’s New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

1/12/06: The REAL story about potatoes & gestational diabetes (hint: don’t stress)

1/18/16: Fad diets & scurvy: Why you never take chances with infant nutrition

2/16/16: Is “Souping” the New Juicing?

3/11/16: Could Having a Younger Sibling Could Help Your Weight    Also in

4/5/16: Measuring BMI in School? Not Such a Great Idea Also in

5/10/16: EUREKA! FDA Will Define “Healthy” & “Natural”

7/5/16: Kids Don’t Have to Get Calories From TV Ads

8/24/16: Now to Avoid Gaining the “Freshman 15”

8/24/16: Advantages to Making Your Own Quiche

6/16/15: FDA Bans Added Trans Fats & Dr. Keith is Talks to

6/17/15: Here’s a laugh: & My Take on the #Belly Button Challenge”


Sample of my print media

I co-created new nutrition standards for the Walt Disney corporation, for food advertised in its child-focused media outlets.  The standards received two thumbs up by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Read more: The New York Times

More coverage on this story

RADIO:  WNYC’s “The Takeaway”

PRINT: USA Today ; Toronto Star


Video Media

How to Keep Kids From Summer Weight Gain

Are you among the 1 in 4 parents who the CDC says underestimates their child’s weight? Dr. Keith speaks on ABC’s Good Morning America

Dr. Keith’s 5 Tips that improve kids’ diets

Dr. Keith explains why carrying extra weight compares to carrying a sack of dog food

Fun interview with Heather Walsh of (cool) progeny and KneeBouncers about toddler nutrition